Around 0.65M Americans Are Yet To Get Their Third Stimulus Check: Are You In The List?

Tax Package Stimulus Check

The third round of stimulus checks was approved after the federal administration realized that the pandemic was here for the long haul. With unemployment at all-time high and COVID-19 restrictions being imposed across the nation, a third stimulus checks because necessary.

Passed by President Joe Biden in March, the initial third check began hitting bank accounts within a week. The first rounds went to people who had already filed their 2020 tax returns.

But an endeavor of this size was bound to have its hiccups. Not everyone got their stimulus checks on time. After more than a year, around 99.5% of the population, who were entitled to the check received it. The annual income was the criteria with individuals earning $75,000 and below getting the full amount. It was $150,000 for couples filing jointly.

But that still left around 650,000 citizens waiting for their check when the last tally was taken in September last year. The main problem was that not everyone was in the tax records of the IRS. People whose earnings were below the taxable level had not bothered to even file their returns in any year.

File Your Tax Returns Before The Deadline To Get Your Stimulus Check

With the IRS not having records of such individuals, their payments got delayed. The IRS advised people to submit a return even if they did not have a taxable income. It is possible that some of those on the list received their check in the intervening 6 months. But the numbers remain high despite that.

The missing stimulus payment as per the list in mid-September was $1.6B.

Filing your 2021 income tax returns before the April 18 deadline will guarantee you your check if your income is within the limits. And the amount can be substantial as a 4 member family may end up earning as much as $5,600.