Final Four 2022- Historic Highs In Store

final four
final four

With several storylines dictating the Final Four of 2022, most ticket marketplaces would be seeing quite an increase in demand. This, in turn, will increase the prices of the tickets in order to watch the last four teams in the NCAA tournament. The tournament will be seeing North Carolina and Duke battling it out for the very first time, and it is happening in the final season of Mike Krzyzewski as coach of the Blue Devils. Villanova will also be making its fourth appearance in the semifinals of the tournament since 2009- and they would be looking toward clinching the trophy. 

Final Four Ticket Sales Have Been Historic

Michael Silveira, the spokesperson for the marketplace stated that the Final Four games this weekend in New Orleans have already been among the hottest-selling NCAA tournaments in the history of the StubHub market. On the whole, ticket sales for the semifinals have already been on par with sales that they saw in the days which led up to the tournament in 2019. With excitement all over the park for the first tournament match between North Carolina and Duke, and what could be the last season of Coach Mike, the ticket sales have been all over the place. 

According to reports that were sent out in the afternoon on Friday, there are still around 3,020 tickets that are available on StubHub, but the average price of tickets that have been sold yet is $1,045, the second-highest average ever seen in the Final Four. The semifinals and the finals for 2015 had an average ticket price of about $1,260. The current price to get in or the cheapest available ticket on StubHub has been $240, with Vivid Seats selling it for $200. 

StubHub also informed that close to 11% of the ticket sales for the Final Four have been coming in from North Carolina, with 10% from New York, and the last 9% from New Jersey.

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