PogChamp Emote No Longer Made Available For Twitch Users


The emote of PongChamp that shows the face of Ryan Gutierrez, has been removed from Twitch, the service company for live streaming. This announcement came from the company itself. The decision of doing so was reached after Ryan Gutierrez, the fighting character from the game, was accused by Twitch of encouraging the violent protest of the US Capitol. The company made it known that the game personality tried to escalate the Capitol situation over social media.

Why Is PogChamp Emote Banned?

According to the sources, Gutierrez from the famous PogChamp emote, spread the message to his followers telling them to carry on with the civil unrest that had broken out on Wednesday, the 6th of January. It was done by the pro-Trump citizens.

Soon after the message went viral, numerous popular gaming personalities started taking action accordingly. They made it known that as a sign of condemn, they would be banning the PogChamp star’s emote from all of their respective channels. Some of them also went to ask the streaming platform, Twitch, to do the same. The one to lead over the charge was Natasha Zombaekillz Zinda. She is a content creator and a figure who has been advocating the cause of “deplatforming hate”.

Natasha, on the social media platform, Twitter, re-posted the tweet of PogChamp Gutierrez. She also added her comment on it while she made the post. Natasha in her tweet directly approached Twitch to remove the PogChamp emote.

Following the incident, Twitch did take the necessary action. PogChamp emote was removed on Wednesday night. the emote is no longer available for the users. According to the StreamElements, the tracking service of Twitch, PogChamp was the fifth-highest emote that was used on Twitch.

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