Big Break For Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

For the first time ever Paris Hilton is going to attend the Met Gala this year. People say she has bagged the invitation herself. She perhaps sold herself to Vogue and a famous designer. She has been extra close with Karl Lagerfeld. Karl is one of those designers who design mainly Met costumes. He shares ideas and dedicates his life to the Met.

A few months ago Hilton released her own memoir. Memoir gave people a close journey of Hilton. The journey covers all the good and misdeeds of her life. She shared many secrets in the book now the world is aware of.

Paris Hilton Has Earned A Place In Anna Wintour’s Good Book

The vogue is under the control of Anna Wintour. Paris Hilton leaves no chance to be in her good books. Anna Wintour has control over the Met Gala guest list. Last year she ended business with Kanye West for an anti-Semitic act. She takes care of all the nitty-gritty of the night. Who is present and who is not will be reported to her only. It’s been a long journey for Paris Hilton. She has earned that place on Anna Wintour’s guest list.

Kim Kardashian will also be joining the Met Gala this year. However, Kanye West was banned from this event after his stunt a few months ago at the Paris fashion week.

He is strictly prohibited. Kim Kardashian was also affected by this. A recent report says she is going to attend. Presumably, she did receive an invitation. Paris Hilton’s recently released memoir stirred up some old abusive memories.

She mentioned how she was taken advantage of by her innocence. A father from her convent school took advantage of her. He molested her and later blamed her. Paris Hilton has become a mother, a DJ, and an author now.

Her sister was once invited to such a glam party back in 2001 since then no one has been to such parties. Back in 2006, she was seen alongside Karl Lagerfeld. Until 2019 she has been accompanying him at every boutique exhibition. Karl Lagerfeld left us in 2019. Leaving a great void in the fashion industry.