Amy King Defends Jana Duggar

Amy King
Amy King

Amy King is the cousin of Jana Duggar. Amy has shown a lot of support for Duggar in the ongoing legal battle. Jana has been accused to have to endanger the wellness of a child. The child is said to be below the age of eighteen years. It has been just a couple of days since the news has been made public. The incident seemingly took place on the 9th of September. Duggar was being given a bail amount of $430. The case against Jana came into the limelight after her brother got caught. 

Josh Duggar was exposed a couple of days back. He had been found guilty of exploiting children illegally. Josh was charged with two separate accounts by the police. He was found to have a receipt of child porn and was also guilty of possession of the same. All these charges ended him up in prison. The statement of imprisonment is a long one. He has been sentenced to serve forty years of imprisonment. A huge fine of $500,000 has also been imposed. 

However, despite Josh being exposed, Amy still supports Jana. Amy King put up a post on social media recently to extend her support for her cousin. She has posted stories on her Instagram account to defend Jana. 

Amy King Extends Her Support To Jana 

Amy King has cited her support for Jana Duggar quite loudly. Amy is the older daughter of Michelle Duggar & Jim Bob. Amy stated on her Instagram that she will speak the truth. She also stated that the incident was not done intentionally. Amy also extended her heartwarming sympathy to Jana. She said that she loved Jana a lot. 

Amy King also allegedly stated that the child in question was in good health. However, King refused to give any more details about the incident.