Virginia Governor Race: Glenn Youngkin Skipping Bar Association Debate

virginia governor race
virginia governor race

Glenn Youngkin, the GOP candidate for the Virginia Governor Race is going to skip a debate against Terry McAuliffe, his Democrat opponent. He cited a past donation by the moderator for a charity that had an association with Bill Clinton, the former President. He also refused to attend after the organizers of the debate could not assure him that economy is going to be one of the topics.

State Of The Virginia Governor Race

The Virginia Governor Race debate was being organized by the Bar Association of Virginia (VBA). It was going to be held on 24th July and was going to be the campaign’s first debate.

On Monday, Macaulay Porter, the spokesperson for Youngkin, said that the VBA did not accept dedicating the debate’s one portion to discussing the jobs and economy of Virginia. It became too much of a barrier in the negotiations between the two parties. He added that there would be conflicting interests as well since Terry McAullife, a former board member of the Clinton Foundation, would be asked questions by a donor of that foundation.

The VBA then subsequently stated that the debate of the Virginia Governor Race will be removed since every top candidate could not give them commitments. The donor in question is Judy Woodruff. The broadcaster on PBS had donated $250 to the Haiti Fund of the Clinton Foundation.

The VBA had said previously that other candidates from the Republican Party have taken part in debates where Woodruff was the moderator. This includes 2018’s Corey Steward and 2013’s Ken Cuccinelli.

However, there will still be debates before the Virginia Governor Race. One hosted by the Appalachian Law School has already been confirmed by the parties. Meanwhile, Democrat Terry McAuliffe called it pathetic of Youngkin to not take part in this Virginia Governor Race debate.

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