Chief Of Social Security To Get Off-Boarded By The Biden Administration!

Social Security
Social Security

The administration of Biden has taken measures and will be off-boarding the fired chief of the administration of Social Security. After getting his notice of termination, the chief of Social Security has said that he will be reporting to work and is going nowhere. His termination notice arrived on Friday, according to an official of the administration. 

The Deputy Commissioner of Social Security Submitted His Resignation Earlier!

If Saul gets off-boarded, he won’t be able to access the system of the agency following his termination. He held a similar position in the administration of Donald Trump, the former president of the United States of America. When the administration of Biden asked him to resign, he refused that request last week. According to news received by the Post, Saul is already planning on reporting to work as soon as possible on Monday. He also said that he would remotely sign in from New York, his home.

He also told the Post that he should be the Chief of Social Security until his term ends and his post is protected because of that. Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, fired Saul, the chief, who had a term of six years, which was supposed to conclude in 2025. 

David Black, Deputy Commissioner, Social Security, agreed to give his resignation, the moment, White House asked him to do that. The White House has also accepted the resignation. Saul, the chief of Social Security has talked about the legality of the decision of President Biden. However, an official has said that it is under the umbrella of the authority of the President to remove officials like him due to the Supreme Court’s precedent. A memo that was released on Thursday by the Department of Justice outlined the move’s justification!

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