Trevor Penning Kicked Out Of Practice For Fighting

Trevor Penning

Wednesday’s early end was due to rookie Trevor Penning of the New Orleans Saints.

Forward After a disagreement with a teammate, 23-year-old Trevor Penning was expelled from training camp. After the whistle, there had been three fights in as many days. Trevor Penning participated in the melee.

Dennis Allen, the coach, remarked, “I do not have time,” following a practice. “I have to do my task because I gave you two today. As a team, we need to learn how to compete, play, train, and challenge ourselves to the utmost, but not overdo it.

Penning allegedly got into a fight with defensive tackle Malcolm Roach, according to Pro Football Talk.

Trevor Penning Was Involved In A Fight

The two were directed to the locker room, according to Allen. With the team as a whole, the rookie coach discussed going too far and promised to speak with both players before the following session.

The 19th pick overall in the 2022 NFL Draft went to the Saints, who selected Penning out of Northern Iowa. Before today, Allen stated that while he appreciates Penning’s “independence,” the youngster “beat him easily today.”

We practice three days in a row, and things are becoming a little difficult and people are getting a little tired, according to Allen. This frequently occurs in training facilities. We do not want to see this. We are looking into it and will keep doing so,” he stated.

In response, the Battle of Saints’ Camp would be postponed in Penning’s honor, head coach Dennis Allen assured reporters at the time.

Throughout the preseason, New Orleans has frequently used penning. He made 42 against the Packers and 53 against Texas. In his debut NFL game, he struggled, was sacked, and had a 38.5 blocking rating from PFF. However, in his team’s second match against Green Bay, that rating increased to 69.5.

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