Amy Robach’s Affair Coming Out Was Just Tip Of The Iceberg   

Amy Robach

Journalist Amy Robach’s affair with T.J. Homles surfaced on Wednesday, and immediately both of them deactivated their Instagram accounts. Source says they had nothing to hide, both of them had gone through so much that they were taking their time to make it official. Nothing has begun between Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes until both of them are separated from their spouses.

Amy Robach Had T.J.Holmes Through Thick And Thin

Amy Robach’s relationship with T.J. Holmes surfaced a few days back. It was just the tip of the iceberg, Amy was suffering from breast cancer and problems in her relationship with her husband Andrew Shue. Both Amy and Andrew Shue were taking divorce meditation courses before finalizing their divorces. The couple were having issues for a long time, and so does T.J. Holmes, and his wife. Amy and T.J. Holmes rescued each other from the trauma and suffering.

They didn’t plan on falling in love with each other, they were each other’s best friends and coworkers, who were trying to bring solace to each other in this difficult time. Previously asked about their friends and others regarding their chemistry they both shut down, as nothing was there. With time their chemistry and bond grew stronger, however, their relationship or more than friendship phase did not begin until both their separations. They were there for each other for the better and the worse, like a good friend.

There was time and Robach’s daughter babysat for T.J. Holmes’s kids. Both Amy Robach and Andrew Shue listed their west village apartment, which made sure they are separating for the better, and this was way before Amy Robach’s relationship with T.J. holmes came to the public eye. Nevertheless, neither Amy Robach nor T.J. Holmes has commented on their relationship.

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