Hanna Drenching South Texas, Northern Mexico With Heavy Rain as it Slides Inland

The tropical storm, Hanna, which was recently upgraded into a hurricane, has turned into high blowing winds and rain. Heavy rainfall is expected in areas such as South Texas and northern Mexico on Sunday. It made landfall on Saturday in the former area. 

Rainfall of over 6 inches is possible in these areas, with higher amounts, where bands of rain stall for a period of a few hours. A few communities could receive up to 18 inches of rainfall.

Keeping in mind the potential risk of a dangerous flood, a flood emergency was issued early Sunday morning for Texas, where water rescue missions have been reported. Roofs and shingles have also been blown off with the winds.

According to Storm Archive, Thursday night, Hurricane Hunter reconnaissance mission found winds ticked up just enough to upgrade Tropical Depression Eight to Tropical Storm Hanna.”

Hanna rapidly gained intensity from Friday to Saturday, resulting in winds 90 miles per hour. Experts have raised concerns as the country is already suffering from the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. A devastating storm on top of that will surely wreck unsustainable damage. 

Hanna is the first hurricane of 2020 in the Atlantic hurricane season. More can be expected. 

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