Analysts Have Given The Stocks Of AVEO A Rating Of Buy


The stocks of AVEO have been given a rating of buy by close to seven brokerages that have been commenting on the company. According to one report, one investment analyst has already given the stocks a rating of hold, while five of them gave it a rating of buy. Currently, the price target of the company is $17.25 which has been calculated over a period of a year. 

The Quarterly Estimates of AVEO

There have been quite a few research analysts that have commented on the stocks of AVEO. TheStreet was the first firm to lower the rating of the company from c- to d, which was published in a 2nd December research report. HC Wainwright also reiterated their previous rating of buy, which was published in a 12th November research report. SVB Leerink went the other way with a price target from $7 to $10, along with a rating of ‘outperform’ in a 19th January research report. Stifel Nicolaus has also given the company a price target of $9, along with a rating of buy. 

AVEO traded on Tuesday at $8.29. The market cap of the firm is $238.83 million. They also have a -5.35 PE ratio, with a 1.40 beta. The debt-to-equity ratio of the company has been fixed at 0.34, with a 4.29 quick ratio. The moving average price of the firm over 50 days has been developed at $6.47, while the moving average price over 200 days is $5.62. The year low of AVEO Pharmaceuticals is $2.23. 

The stocks of the company previously updated their quarterly report on the 14th of November. The EPS reported by AVEO was $0.33, which was more than the consensus estimate set by Thomson Reuters at $0.24.

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