Wall Street Brokerages Have Given TOG A Hold Rating


The many shares of TOG have been issued a rating of ‘hold’ by close to fifteen research equity firms that have been covering the company. According to several reports, four of the investment analysts have already given the stocks a rating of hold, while two of the analysts provided the company with a rating of buy. Currently, the average target price of the company over a period of one year is C$3.44.

Stock Commentary On TOG

There have been several investment firms that have commented on the stocks of TOG. Stifel Nicolaus has been the first one to reduce the rating of the company from buy to hold in a 9th December research report. National Bank Financial has reiterated their rating of ‘outperform’, along with a C$2.75 price target in a 9th December research report. BMO Capital Markets, too, went ahead and increased the price target on the company from C$2.50 to C$3.15.

The Royal Bank of Canada went the other way and reduced the rating from outperform to sector ‘perform’. In the end, TD Securities also reduced the rating from buy to tender on 11th December on the stocks of TOG.

The stocks of TOG traded on Tuesday at C$2.78. The company enjoys a 0.29 quick ratio, along with a 70.55 debt-to-equity ratio. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days is C$2.79 while the moving average price of the company over a period of 200 days is C$1.98. TOG also has a C$614.38 million, with a -0.6 PE ratio. 

TOG had previously updated their quarterly results on the 5th of November. The EPS reported by the company was C$0.02, which was added to the consensus estimates as set by analysts at C$0.03. The revenue earned by the company during this quarter was C$90.82 million.