Andy Cohen’s Jab At Ryan Seacrest Addressed By CNN

andy cohen
andy cohen

CNN recently went ahead and issued a statement that was focused on the remark Andy Cohen made on-air while co-hosting the New Year’s Eve special. Cohen, who was getting more drunk as the night went on throughout the broadcast along with fellow host Anderson Cooper, was reacting to a giant smoke cloud that had popped out of Journey as they were performing their famous New Year’s Rockin’ Eve- which was being hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

While this was happening, Cohen told the millions of viewers watching him that there was a bunch of smoke coming out of Ryan Seacrest’s group of losers. He further continued by stating that if anyone was watching ABC for the special, there was nothing really special about it. His co-host, Anderson Cooper, could only chuckle at that. 

Andy Cohen’s Distasteful Comments Towards Ryan Seacrest

Since that incident, CNN went on to address Andy Cohen’s jab at the network competitor, telling E! News that Andy stated something he shouldn’t have while being inebriated on live TV. But there was nothing to fret about as the matter had been discussed with him, and the network was looking forward to working with him the next year as well. Cohen, on his part, also expressed his regret about the common on his SiriusXM radio show. 

On Monday, Andy Cohen stated that the only thing he regretted was slamming the broadcast from ABC for he really liked Ryan Seacrest and thought he was a great guy. He claimed that he was completely stupid and inebriated when he made the comment. He was ranting about Journey, and words kept spilling out of his mouth, and before he could take notice of what he had said, the damage had already been done. And he was really apologetic about the entire thing. 

CNN had put Andy Cohen as the co-host for the broadcast of New Year’s Eve in 2017, after firing Kathy Griffin for her photoshoot gig where she had used a prop that depicted the former President’s bloodied severed head. 

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