Wall Street Analysts Have Issued A Rating Of Buy For NEP


Quite a few brokerage firms from Wall Street have given the stocks of NEP a rating of buy. Around fifteen analysts covering the firm have been commenting on the recommendations. According to a report, one analyst has already prescribed the rating of sell, while three other investment analysts gave it a recommendation of hold. On the other hand, ten investment analysts gave it a rating of buy. The annual target price of the company as fixed by analysts has been set at $69. 

The Quarterly Estimates of NEP

There have been quite a few research equities that have already commented on the stocks of NEP. Piper Sandler has already given the company a rating of overweight, which was then published in a 19th November research note. Zacks Investment Research has reduced the rating of the company from a rating of hold, to a rating of strong sell, along with a price target of $57 on the firm. Mizuho Securities has also increased the price target from a sum of $57 to $83, with a buy rating on the firm. Oppenheimer has also given the stocks a rating of outperform, with a sum increased from $66 to $74. In the end, Morgan Stanley, too, joined the bandwagon with a price rating increased from $60 to $79.

The NEP shares traded on Friday at $84.99. The moving average price of the firm over 50 days has been set at $70.57, with a moving average price of over $63.77 for 200 days. The year low has been fixed at $29.01, with the year high being set at $86.41. NEP has a $6.20 billion market cap, and a 1.54 PEG ratio. The company also has a 1.25 quick ratio, and a 1.32 current ratio. 

NEP also announced their previous quarterly results on the 21st of October. The provider of solar energy reported an EPS of $0.76, which was more than the consensus estimate of about $0.62.