Philadelphia Sixers And Joel Embiid Showed Their Dominance Against Atlanta Hawks!


The double teams of the Atlanta Hawks lost against the Sixers. All the defenders of the Atlanta Hawks were trying to block Joel Embiid but it turned out to be unsuccessful. 

Joel Embiid Shines For The Sixers Again!

However, the MVP finalist and center of the Sixers, Joel Embiid was demanding that kind of attention. This was the 3rd game of the semifinals of the Eastern Conference of the NBA. Joel Embiid had less space to play and operate in this game. He had only fourteen attempts at field goals. His 6 shots converted into free throws. He managed to put away 25 shots in the 2nd game and 21 shots in the 1st game.

In the win of the Sixers, by a margin of 127-111, Embiid showed that he was just capable of dominating efficiently! On Friday, the production of Joel Embiid was a significant boost to the attack of the Sixers. The player put his team on the most impressive and efficient performance in this postseason. Joel Embiid found teammates even in the double teams of the Hawks. 

On 3 such occasions, Joel hit the perimeter players of the Sixers for 3-pointers. Embiid scored 6 assists, which remains his highest since the loss of the Sixers on April 19 to the Warriors. Embiid said that his team has traveled a long path. It seems that his game has slowed down a lot for him this year. He sees the floor very differently from previous years. Now he only looks for making the game exciting and easier for his teammates. He feels like there are a lot of ways in which he can score these days. Embiid is the cause of providing all the rubs and screens that have fueled the aggressive attack of his team recently. 

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