Chris Weiland Found Guilty Of Being Homophobic, Racist And Sexist

Chris Weiland
Chris Weiland

Chris Weiland, the runner from the University of California Los Angeles, got punished following his derogatory activity. He was dismissed from so many fields including the teams for cross country and the track itself.

The reason for this originates from a video snippet and a text message of the sportsman that got leaked all over social media. All that proved him to be a sexist and a homophobic person. He was caught guilty of indulging in the kind of language that proved him to be a racist as well. Following this, Chris Weiland started getting criticized all over social media.

The Chris Weiland Video

The total length of the video was four and a half minutes. It was posted over the social media platform, Instagram. The name of the account that posted the video was, ‘UCLA is racist.’ It shows the White sportsman inside a car with minimal lighting. Chris Weiland starts a conversation about his girlfriend who had cheated on him. As the video proceeds, the runner starts uttering words that are of a racist nature. He does so over the phone.

Chris Weiland is one of the people who was chosen in the list of the filed roster and the track of the year 2021 of the UCLA. Before getting transferred to UCLA he was a student of two different institutions. The runner went to Mt. San Antonio College for a total of two seasons. And after that, he attended the institution, Cal State San Marcos.

The track coach of the University of California Los Angeles, Avery Anderson, gave a statement with regard to the matter. It was a statement that was released by the institution itself. It said that Chris Weiland had been suspended from his team. The nature of suspension is indefinite.