Anderson Cooper Concedes Joseph Ladapo Right About Vaccines: The CNN Anchor Says The Florida Surgeon General Is Accurate Aout Long Term Effectiveness

anderson cooper
anderson cooper

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has conceded that Joseph Ladapo was right when he claimed that over time vaccines offered diminished protection from infection.

The Florida Surgeon General said that initially, the vaccine showed high effectiveness in preventing death and hospitalization. But over a certain period, the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines goes down.

Anderson Cooper has been critical of the appointment of Joseph Ladapo to the post of the Surgeon General of Florida. Ladapo was also questioned constantly on the efficiency of the vaccine by Lauren Book, a state Senator. Book and other state Democrats left after questioning Ladapo at the hearing.

Ladapo said that of the two most commonly used vaccines in the US, the ones developed by Moderna and Pfizer, both exhibited high effectiveness in the initial stages. They were good to prevent mortality and severe sickness. But over time, Ladapo said, the vaccines lost their effectiveness and offered a relatively much lower shield from infection.

Anderson Cooper Said That Ladapo Could Be Right About The Long Term Efficacy Of The Vaccine

The book was on Anderson Cooper 360 to speak about what she considers a terrifying rejoinder from Ladapo. But Anderson Cooper admitted that the claims by Ladapo could certainly be true.

Anderson Cooper said that while Ladapo was trying to have the audience believe that his reply was a scientific one to the question posed by Book, his answer had a certain truth to it.

Cooper said that Ladapo choose to focus on the most negative aspect of the vaccine. He said that the long-term effectiveness of the vaccine was not over the top. After a certain period, this efficacy could wear off.

But Anderson Cooper called out the Surgeon General for his strange turn of phrase over its long-term effect.

Cooper said that the direct answer would be to say directly that the vaccines were very potent while the booster further bolstered the effectiveness of the first dose.