Oath Keepers Leader Stewart Rhodes To Remain In Jail For Now: Charged With Seditious Conspiracy

stewart rhodes

A US judge has decided that oath keepers founder Steward Rhodes will stay in jail for now.  The right-wing militia will stay in jail even as he faces charges of sedition for his part in the riots at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The decision by Kimberley P. Johnson, the Magistrate Judge in Plano in Texas, will move on to a higher court.

 The decision by the judge comes after a court hearing that

lasted 2 hours in which public prosecutors asked the judge to ensure that

Stewart Rhodes remains behind bars. They contended that he posed a danger to society and could attempt to escape from the country.

Steward Rhodes was indicted along with 10bof his associates for plotting to attack the Capitol through force as they attempted to stop Congress from endorsing Biden’s Presidential victory. 

Stewart Rhodes is among the most conspicuous among the 725 defendants facing charges of participating in the Capitol attack by supporters of Trump. The attack took place after false claims by Trump and his followers that the election results were manipulated to favor Biden.

Stewart Rhodes Faces Stringent Charges Of Seditious Conspiracy

The Yale graduate and former soldier and his companions are among the first to face the rare and stringent charge of seditious conspiracy for the role they played in the violence. The charge carries imprisonment of 20 years.

Rhodes had exhorted his followers to oppose the transfer of powers by force in the presidential elections. He had warned that they would wage a civil uprising to achieve their aim and told his followers to prepare their minds, spirit, and body.

Stewart Rhodes’ lawyer Phillip Linder has said his client maintained his innocence. He said Rhodes was in no way a danger to society. He added that his client wanted a speedy public trial.