After His Sudden Death A Few Days Ago, Treat Williams’ Child Says She Misses Him On Father’s Day

Treat Williams
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Just a few days post his sudden passing, Treat Williams’ daughter celebrated Father’s Day with a touching tribute to her father. On Sunday, 24-year-old Ellie Williams posted two Christmas pictures of her dad on Instagram Story. One of the pictures was of Treat helping Ellie stand as a little girl. She wrote in the image’s caption, “I love you, Dad.” “I’m missing you.”

A second image displayed a more current image of Treat Williams, who had grey hair and was 71 at the time of his passing. She commented on it that she had taken that photo of him when she had been in college. Adding that he was extremely handsome.

After A Motorbike Accident On 12th June, Treat Williams Had Passed Away

After his death, his family had expressed that Treat Williams had been full of admiration and admiration for his home, family, his life as well as his work. He truly put his best into the world. The family was shaken to its core by the news but found solace in the knowledge that he had deeply and dearly been respected and loved by not only his family but by all those who were close to him.

Ellie provided a sneak peek at an outing with her father in April as they visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She captioned the picture on Instagram saying she and her dad went to see the Land of Harry Potter. A few days before he passed, Treat Williams also shared an Instagram picture of Ellie along with a message that said he missed her.

The Christmas House, Beyond the Blackboard, Safe Harbour, and Chasing a Dream are just a few of the Hallmark movies that helped the actor carve out a name for himself.