Andre Drummond May Go The Way Of Lakers If Cavaliers Fails To Find Trade

andre drummond
andre drummond

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been looking long and hard at the trade market for a trader for Andre Drummond. The player has not seen any action since the middle of February. However, they are yet to find any suitable exchanges for the big man. If the situation continues, it won’t be long before the Cavaliers are forced into buying out Andre Drummond.

The rumor mill has taken a sniff of this potential outcome and has produced a list of favorites to vie for Drummond’s signature. Among them, it is reported, that the Los Angeles Lakers have a high preference for Drummond. This would mean that they would be possibly giving up on DeMarcus Cousins, another player that has been linked with them.

The Teams In Contention For Andre Drummond

The report reads that the Lakers need reinforcement in the front-court department. Anthony Davis is out injured and Dennis Schroder has been forced to sit out due to covid-19 protocols. So the Lakers were chasing the free agent DeMarcus.

However, should Andre Drummond get bought out, the Lakers and the Nets are touted to be the first in line. It seems highly unlikely that the Cavaliers will get a trade simply because of the enormous salary of the player, amounting to a whopping $28.8 million.

Lakers also believe that Drummond himself would prefer signing for them if he does end up on the market. There is still time for the Cavs as the deadline for trade deals lasts till March 25.

The previous season, the Lakers had dominated the league with the sheer size of their players. Similar to Dwight Howard, Andre Drummond would fit nicely with their playstyle. Drummond is good at both playmaking and scoring, while also providing quick value in defense.

If Drummond does end up at the Lakers, it would prove to be a huge boost in dealing with the other teams that have performed excellently in the offense. It would be even more valuable given how close the championship is this season.