Andre Iguodala Has Bold Claim About Rasheed Wallace

Andre Iguodala
Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala, a previous standout for the Philly 76ers, appeared on “The Dan LeBatard Show” and was asked about championship squads. There was mention of the 2004 Detroit Pistons, who included no true superstars and had no players ranked in the top 75 of all-time.

Iguodala made a strong assertion about Rasheed Wallace, a versatile forward for the Detroit Pistons who grew up in Philadelphia. Iguodala stated that if Wallace were playing today, he could be a top player and even stronger than Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Andre Iguodala Thinks Rasheed Would be Better Than The Greek Freak

To quote Andre Iguodala verbatim:

If Rasheed Wallace had entered the league 10 years earlier, he might have been a perennial All-Star. He simply decided, “Ah, I will do my job over here.” Using both hands, he took half-court shots. In today’s NBA, Rasheed Wallace would be a first-team all-star if he were to join our league. Even though I adore Giannis, he would be an upgrade.

In 2006 and 2008, Iguodala and the Phillies faced up against Wallace as well as the Pistons in the postseason, and both times, Wallace made his presence felt. In 2005, he scored 17 points per game while shooting 37.5% from deep; in 2008, he scored 14.5 points per game while shooting 44.8% from deep. Being 6 feet 11 inches tall, his game is well-suited to the modern day, which he would undoubtedly dominate.

Iguodala’s notion that he can outperform Antetokounmpo is audacious, though. A player like Wallace would be perfect for the modern NBA, but Giannis is a multi-talented All-Star and Finals MVP in his own right. It is intriguing to imagine Wallace on the basketball court in the year 2022.