Busy Philipps Wishes Her Child Birdie On Her 13th Birthday

busy philipps
busy philipps

Busy Philipps wished her daughter on her birthday where she turned into a teenager. The child, Birdie Leigh, turned 13 on Friday when Busy Philipps posted a number of old pictures making a sweet gesture. She mentions always wanting a child and being very much surprised when she actually became Birdie’s mother. Busy Philipps remembers being surprised when she first saw them, and that it was not at all like what she had expected. They were perfect but had their own uniqueness. According to the actor, being a mother, the best news that can come to any parent is when the child would come up to say they are ready.

Busy Philipps had made an appearance as a guest in the TV show Terminator, while she had been pregnant. This incident occurred 13 years ago and she was up for the task in one go. Doing that, she gained the chance of having appeared on screen as the most appeared person on TV while being pregnant.

Busy Philipps On Her Daughter’s Birthday

Busy Philipps displayed the yurt that had been set up for the birthday party in the backyard. The set-up included a machine for popcorn along with a giant screen outdoors for a screening of Young Royals. She mentioned that all the kids attending the party were tested. This would ensure that no spread of the virus. 

Busy Philipps also made sure that there are plenty of cakes for the children. There were three cakes, which included a cake made of dark chocolate made in a theme from Young Royals, an option of red velvet which is inspired by Taylor Swift, and a sour confetti cake that is inspired by Olivia Rodrigo. Philipps disclosed back in December that her daughter had come out to be gay when she was 10. Philipps also accepted having trouble remembering they/them pronouns preferred by her daughter.