Andrea Mitchell Bashes Trump For Peddling Lies

andrea mitchell
andrea mitchell

Andrea Mitchell, the MSNBC host, continues downplaying the scandal involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, even as Trump sought help from Putin to take down the President’s son. Other news outlets started looking into emails hidden on his computer that were brushed under the carpet leading up to the presidential elections in 2020.

Andrea Mitchell was leading a panel on Wednesday discussing Trump’s remarks in the latest interview where he urged President Putin to disclose facts regarding Hunter’s business dealing in Ukraine and Russia.

Mitchell told viewers that Trump’s claims were grounded on a biased Republican report that was leaked leading up to the election. She said that the report was then discredited by those who looked into it and was also denied by the President’s son.

Andrea Mitchell And Other Panelists Instead Went After Trump

Andrea Mitchell and the other panelists went after Trump claiming that his conspiracy theories were discredited but were now finding supporters at Capitol Hill. She was referring to an oversight hearing by the FBI after Hunter’s laptop was discussed by Republican Representative Matt Gaetz.

An ex-Paul Ryan aide, Brendan Buck, told Andrea Mitchell that Hunter was not above scrutiny, though he agreed with her and other members of the panel. He was citing a report in the Washington Post that looked into the multimillion-dollar ties of Hunter that had ties with a Chinese energy firm.

Buck referred to Hunter as a ‘shady dude’ for multiple reasons and said that people realized that as a fact. But he added that there was a dissimilarity between raising questions based on facts and speaking up in a manner that endangered the people fighting the Russian in Ukraine.

Andrea Mitchell told Philip Rucker of the Washington Post that a lot of reporting, including the Post’s, has been what she called ‘disturbing.’ She says that there was nothing of what Trump had been claiming. Rucker said that there was no evidence that President Biden personally knew details or benefitted from the deal.