Andrew Cuomo Faces Heat After Proven Guilty

Brittany Commisso
Brittany Commisso

Andrew Cuomo has been charged with sexual assault. He has been accused of sexually harassing eleven women. People are demanding strict measures against Cuomo. He is also expected to be removed from his political post. Most of the officials agreed to impeach Cuomo. 

Andrew Cuomo Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Andrew Cuomo was charged with sexual assault. He has been allegedly sexually harassing women. Following the development, anger against Cuomo has risen. The Assembly has ordered to strip off Cuomo as soon as possible. Most of the officials are also in favor of the impeachment. 

The Assembly members have also agreed to take necessary actions. From the looks of it, Cuomo was unwilling to give up his post. But the other members might initiate an impeachment to see him off.

Common people also did not hold very high thoughts for Andrew. More than half of the people wanted him removed. This was concluded in a survey that was conducted earlier. More than 55% of the locals were in favor of the impeachment. This was the exact number of people that did not want Andrew in the office. 

After being accused of sexual harassment, the situation has worsened for Cuomo. President Joe Biden has also commented on the incident. He stated that it was best for Cuomo if he resigned. Earlier, an investigation was conducted that found Andrew Cuomo guilty. He was accused of touching his female workers sexually. 

Andrew Cuomo’s misery did not seem to be over yet. Three local lawyers have demanded the case files of Cuomo. Lawyers from Nassau, Westchester & Manhattan have contacted Letitia James. Letitia is the New York lawyer who has access to the files. All of them demanded to go through the case records of Cuomo. The Albany lawyer claimed to be involved in a current criminal investigation against Cuomo.