Donald Trump Pleads Against Tax Pursuits

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump is having a long court fight with the House. In 2019, the House requested the department of treasury to provide the tax returns. However, the IRS did not respond which led to a lawsuit against Trump. This has continued for three years now. Donald Trump has asked the House to stop bothering him with the returns. The legal advisors of Trump have also echoed the former US President’s words. 

Donald Trump Asks House To Stop Investigations

Donald Trump seemed to be irritated by the House Ways and Means Committee. The House has been running investigations against Trump for a long time. The Committee demanded the files of taxes but the IRS failed to provide them. This happened way back in 2019. However, the committee has still not received the documents and continues to investigate. 

The legal advisors of Trump rose to the occasion recently. They demanded the House to immediately stop their investigation. They stated that handing over the documents can lead to their misuse. The attorneys also pointed at the Democrats. They feared that the files could be unfairly manipulated to reach specific political goals. 

The department of Justice ordered the provision of the records last week. However, the files did not seem to reach the House anytime soon. The last returns from Trump could possibly spark more controversies. 

Donald Trump has asked the court to permanently disallow the department of Treasury. He has also requested the head of the committee to stop all ongoing investigations. The administration of Joe Biden ordered Trump to provide the necessary details. It stated that the information must be presented to the committee whenever asked for. This decision was taken last week. The pressure is mounting on Donald Trump. It remains to be seen which way the drama unfolds.