Andrew Cuomo Faces Misdemeanor And Arrest: Accused Of Groping Woman

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo was on Thursday charged with a misdemeanor for groping a former aide. He faces up to a year in prison if convicted for the assault that allegedly took place in Albany’s Executive Mansion, the official residence of the Governor of New York.

The criminal complaint of a misdemeanor was filed in an Albany court. This is the first prosecution arising from a misconduct allegation that led to his resignation.

The filing at the Office of the County Sheriff has accused Andrew Cuomo of groping a woman under her clothes. this was confirmed by the State Courts of New York spokesperson. The alleged offense was referred to as a sex offense.

The 63-year-old Andrew Cuomo was forced to step down after pressure mounted for his resignation following the allegations. Even President Joe Biden had asked him to step down.

Andrew Cuomo To Appear In Court On November 17

Cuomo will appear in court on Nov. 17. A summons has been issued but is yet to be served.

Rita Glavin, Andrew Cuomo’s lawyer, reiterated in a statement that her client was innocent. She spoke out against the handling of the case by Craig Apple, the Sheriff. She said that he even failed to tell the District Attorney his line of investigation. She alleged that it was politics and not professional enforcement of the law.

David Soares, the DA at Albany County issued a statement claiming that the sheriff had been acting independently of the local prosecutors. Glavin expressed her surprise that a criminal complaint was filed by the Sheriff’s Office of Alabama County.

Soares said that his office was as surprised as anyone else about the criminal complaint that was filed in the Court by the County Sheriff’s Office against Andrew Cuomo. He did not comment further.

An online copy of the complaint said that Cuomo engaged in the misdemeanor offense on December 7, 2020.