Brian Daboll Comes In As Head Coach Of NY Giants

brian daboll
brian daboll

The offensive coordinator of Buffalo Bills, Brian Daboll has moved to the New York Giants as their head coach, as announced by the team in a press statement. He comes in place of Joe Judge, removed after going 10-23 after 2 seasons.

Joe Judge is the 3rd coach to exit the New York Giants after Ben McAdoo and after that, Pat Shurmur. The once top franchise is going through its worst stretch in over a decade.

Now it is up to Brian Daboll to buckle the trend. The Giants went into housecleaning mode during the off-season. Dave Gettleman, their General Manager retired at the end of this season. Joe Schoen, a former Bills AGM came in Dave’s place.

Brian Daboll Was One Of The 5 Finalists In A Formidable Field

Brian Daboll was 1 of the 5 qualifiers for the top job other than Brian Flores from Miami Dolphins, Leslie Frazier, the defensive coordinator and assistant coach of Bills, Dan Quinn, the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys, and Patrick Graham, the defensive coordinator of the Giants.

Te 46-year-old Brian Daboll helped guide top-5 offenses while at Bill in the last 2 seasons. He can take the credit for developing Josh Allen from an unreliable quarterback to one of the brightest stars on the horizon.

Also going in favor of Brian Daboll is the association between him and Schoen. This made it an almost sure hire. Brian Daboll was the top contender for the post right from the minute Schoen came it the camp.

Schoen said that he had been witnessed in the last 4 seasons how strong Daboll is as a team leader. He said that Daboll was a brilliant communicator, was innovative, hard-working, and intelligent. He said that his engaging personality and genuineness stood out most about him.

He said that Daboll also was good at forging a bond with his players and valued collaboration while having a progressive vision. He said that the team would be needing these attributes a lot. He said that he was thrilled that he would get to link up with Brian Daboll in the coming season.