Andrew Cuomo Released An Unsatisfying Statement Of Apology

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

The Democratic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is constantly making headlines these days. Nobody has seen him in public after the allegations started to pile up. Especially after last week when complaints against him started to spread like wildfire in public.

Three women have openly come out to criticize him and have shared their horrifying experiences with the governor. They include Lindsay Boylan, the former employee from the administration of Andrew Cuomo, Charlotte Bennet, also a former employee, and Anna Ruch.

Andrew Cuomo And His Inappropriate Behavior

Lindsay Boylan claimed that the New York Governor gave her a lip kiss. He also went on to pass comments on her physical appearance. Not only that, but the former employee has also accused him of acting unprofessional and disrespectful by inviting her to his office. It was done for a “private meeting.”

Charlotte Bennet, the 25-year-old accused Andrew Cuomo of showing interest in her sex life. She added that he expressed his loneliness to her. Bennet also mentioned that the governor asked her about her personal thoughts regarding sexual relationships with older men.

The accusations of Anna Ruch are the most recent ones. It came on Monday. She told the sources that the 63-year-old governor got physical with her without her consent. He laid hands on her face and back. He also asked her to give him a kiss. This took place at a wedding reception in the year 2019. They had just met that day.

A statement was given by Andrew Cuomo following the sexual allegations. He apologized for being insensitive towards the situations of people. He accepted the fact that he did make fun of people concerning their relationship statuses and personal lives.

The three-time-governor added that he was sorry for showing his interference in matters that were “too-personal” to people. Cuomo further added that he had no such intentions of hurting anyone. And the main reason why people felt that way was because of the weight that comes with holding the office of a governor. However, this was not at all satisfying to the victims and other advocates.

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