Anthony Davis Injured Again After Losing In A Lakers Vs. Nuggets Fight

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis injures his right Achilles again during a match this Sunday, February 14th against the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers lost the game to the Nuggets in a 122-105 combat which left Anthony Davis with an aggravated tendinosis issue.

The Lakers star has already missed two NBA games this week because of an injury in the same area. After this recent game, the team announced that Davis was down with a severe strain on his right Achilles and will be undergoing an MRI scan this Monday, February 15th in Minneapolis after the Nuggets vs. Lakers game was over.

Anthony Davis Re-injured Himself In The Second Quarter

Anthony Davis mentioned in a statement after injuring his right Achilles that the doctors have said that nothing looks serious. However, he wanted to get an MRI scan done as it is more reliable. On being asked whether he had torn the tendon, he said that he would have to wait for the MRI scan for the correct response to that.

He further added that doctors cannot rule out anything until they have proof of what has actually happened in the area. Till now everything seems to be on the positive side because the tendinosis seems to have happened because of severe strain but he is likely to get a clearer picture after the MRI scan.

Anthony Davis, 27, was marked doubtful before the February 14th Lakers game. Nevertheless, the player started the game with much confidence as the Lakers were closing in on the seven-times winning streak.

Davis mentioned later on that it was the first time after his previous injury when he felt completely fine. However, the situation completely altered by the second quarter when he moved in on Nikola Jokic and bumped his legs on him. Eventually after this, he limped out of the game by the end of the second quarter.