Trade Till Your Head Explodes? I’ll Enjoy The Casino Instead 


 There are a lot of emotions floating around right now when you look at today’s equities market. There’s consternation, schadenfreude and a kind of bitter joy in holding onto individual shares of Gamestop. There’s chagrin, frustration, and some amount of cynicism about what really supports stock prices day to day. 


Let’s call it for what it is – market trading has become stressful. It may have always been stressful, but it’s become stressful in new ways that have to do with new dimensions of uncertainty. 

Why invest in agricultural stocks if you don’t know whether American farmers are going to have their exports cut by a runaway White House? Why invest in startups if you think that somebody else has the inside information? Why invest in anything if the market’s going to crash next month or next year? 

Seeing the Signals 

Traders used to rely on the technicals, but increasingly, the technicals are just pageantry. You might be the best at understanding moving averages and Bollinger Bands, but you might be taken by surprise by something that doesn’t fit the model, because somebody decided to conspire to blow up a certain position, whether it’s a short or long position. Market manipulation is rampant in many different forms. 

But aside from all that, just looking at the technicals is a stressful business, too. You never get a break, because you’re always trying to evaluate the market. You always feel like there are other indicators to factor into your complex due diligence, and all of it takes a lot of work. You end up looking at tickers during the day, and missing out on professional time, or private time for relationships. 

Let’s contrast that with an online casino experience. You have a certain amount of money, you come in and play a session, and you see if you win or lose. 

Digital Casino Gaming 

Let’s take that a step further and look at FortuneJack, an ecosystem that uses provably fair gaming and Bitcoin-first methodology to innovate digital asset gambling. 

Provably fair gaming is a new standard for online gambling, and it’s something that, sadly, lacks a corollary in the equity market. That’s just one of many reasons why a lot of traders are getting scared and putting their money on the sidelines. They just don’t believe that the game is fair. 

Interestingly, some are turning to either precious metals or cryptocurrencies as investment “safe havens.” They’re just not into taking that random walk down Wall Street! 

In a crypto casino, you know what’s going on. Provably fair gaming algorithms prove to you that you’re playing on a level playing field with everyone else. You can use your crypto coins or put together a personal plan for wagering assets. Think about whether it’s time to change how you view your money and what you do with it.