Ron Johnson Thinks Wokeness Is The Reason Behind Mass Shootings

ron johnson
ron johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson, the Republican from Wisconsin, recently offered up quite a controversial theory, which he believed would explain the school shooting in Uvalde. In an interview with Fox Business, this representative stated that wokeness was the reason behind a loss of morals and values.

According to him, schools had stopped teaching values quite some time back. Now they were teaching wokeness- which led to children being indoctrinated with things like CRT- where they were also telling children that they were not equal to others- and they could potentially be the cause for someone else’s problems.

Ron Johnson Thinks Political Correctness To Be The Problem

Interestingly, the anchor Neil Cavuto didn’t allow Ron Johnson’s comments to sway the argument aside. Rather, he noted that the school shootings were still a thing even before wokeness and CRT came into the picture.

As it stands, Johnson didn’t want to concede that point. Speaking about critical race theory, he mentioned that CRT had been going under the radar for quite some time now. And he also included liberal indoctrination and wokeness under that too. Currently, there is a much larger issue that no one should expect new gun laws to solve. 

While it is necessary to discuss existing gun laws, and gun reforms that could come into play, the way Ron Johnson went about it was absolutely the wrong way to deal with it. He was pushing for CRT and wokeness to be the root of the problem- which it definitely wasn’t.

Incidentally, one shouldn’t be too surprised by the words of Ron Johnson. For, this has been the modus operandi for Republicans since Donald Trump became President. Rather than understanding that the USA had a gun violence problem, they were shifting the blame to political correctness. 

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