Andrew Garfield Did Reveal His Spiderman Role To Family

Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield has been in the news recently for his ability to keep secrets. Fans from all over the world have praised the actor for his work ethics. 

Many people have wondered at how well Garfield was able to trick everyone before the release of No Way Home. Ever since the trailers were launched for the film, speculations ran wild. 

The recent Spiderman movie was going to be the biggest in the history of the franchise. There were plot leaks about how the multiverse would play a crucial role in the film. The trailers only fueled the excitement more. 

Audiences began to speculate that there might be multiple Spiderman in the movie. The main reason for the rumors was the leaked set of photos from the shooting. The pictures showed Andrew along with Tobey Maguire on the sets. 

However, Garfield made sure that he did not spill the beans. The actor appeared at several shows before the release of the movie. He was asked repeatedly by hosts about whether or not he was featured in the movie. 

Andrew always denied them and kept the suspense going. Garfield even lied to his ex-girlfriend, Emma Stone about his No Way Home appearance. However, Andrew Garfield did reveal the big secret to some people. 

Let us find out in detail who they were. 

Andrew Garfield Let His Family Know About No Way Home 

Andrew Garfield has recently revealed that he did not keep his family in darkness. Garfield did let his family know that he was there in the movie. 

In a recent interview, Andrew stated that he did tell his mother, father, and brother. The actor stressed the fact that he loved his family dearly. He could not have lied to his nearest ones about the role. 

Andrew Garfield had a great role in the movie. It served as the perfect redemption of his Spiderman avatar. The subtle touches that Marvel provided to his character made his character appear much more mature than before. 

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