Chris Cuomo: Andrew Cuomo’s Silence As CNN Suspends Brother

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo

CNN’s highest-rated anchor has been suspended indefinitely from the news network after details were released about the role he played in advising former Governor Andrew Cuomo during the allegations of sexual harassment. The incident ultimately led to Andrew’s resignation.

Testimony freshly released by the office of the Attorney General in New York reveals that Chris Cuomo, the host of Cuomo Prime Time used his source and influence in the media to stifle allegations of sexual misconduct against Andrew. He even used his sources to inform the accusers.

The Attorney General’s office released thousands of sheets of exhibits and transcripts after a thorough evaluation and deliberation, according to CNN. They added that there would be further conversations and CNN would also seek further clarity on their significance.

Allegations That Chris Cuomo And CNN Have Chosen To Ignore The Allegation Of Journalistic Misconduct

But Chris Cuomo continued to overlook the topic and instead stayed focused his show on the new strain of the COVID-19 virus, the dispute between Reps. Boebert and Omar and the wave of smash-and-grab crimes enveloping the country.

Critics hit out at Chris Cuomo for not addressing the controversy on his program. He received support from CNN correspondent Brian Stelter. The leftwing media correspondent said that Chris had already said in August that he would not comment further on the matter, and he did just that.

Critics attacked Stelter for sidestepping allegations of journalistic misconduct and accused Cuomo of deceiving his employer and his viewers.

Stelter’s tweet in support of Chris Cuomo is in contrast to his tone on his report where he had acknowledged that the fresh revelations had cast doubts over past comments made by Chris Cuomo.

Primetime teammate Don Lemon too showered Chris Cuomo with words of endorsement and support of his character. Lemon expressed his gratitude for the friendship and love that Cuomo has shown and said that Cuomo was fantastic and one of the kindest people that he has known.