Chris Cuomo’s Former Female Executive Producer Had Felt Threatened

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo is known for being hot-headed. Recently, allegations of sexual misdemeanor had been revealed as well. Another former colleague of Cuomo has brought forth another dark experience involving the CNN host.

The Strained Relationship Between Chris Cuomo And Melanie Buck

Melanie Buck used to be “Cuomo Prime Time”, the show of Chris Cuomo’s, executive producer since 2018 April. But in 2020 March, Izzy Pozovich replaced her, in a manner that can only be called sudden. This was shortly before Chris Cuomo made his melodramatic return on the public screen after spending months quarantining in Hamptons.

An insider from CNN has revealed that Melani Buck had directly requested Jeff Zucker, the boss of CNN, and pleaded to be transferred from Chris Cuomo’s show. She had cited “significant differences”, as well several sources in the TV industry claiming that she felt afraid of the behavior of the host.

However, insiders denied any rumor claiming that CNN paid Buck to remain silent and keep the spat under wraps. She has stated that she is still proud of making Chris Cuomo’s show the No, 1 on CNN. But she had to exit the show. Now she is excited to work on her latest CNN+ role.

Initially, she was made the election 2020 coverage’s election producer. Now, she works on CNN+’s morning live coverage.

Earlier on, Shelley Ross, Chris Cuomo’s ex-ABC boss, had scathingly revealed his sexual harassment more than a decade ago. CNN is yet to comment on those allegations. Cuomo, however, has claimed that the stated interaction was not sexual. Both Ross and Cuomo had even claimed that Cuomo had later apologized about it via e-mail.

CNN, however, had even reportedly given Cuomo time off when ex-governor, and brother, Andrew needed advice on similar sexual harassment allegations.