Boebert’s Call To Ilhan Omar For Jihadi Swipe: Controversy Flares Up

ilhan omar
ilhan omar

The Islamophobia debate worsened after a tense call made by Rep. Lauren Boebert to Rep. Ilhan Omar. The Republican from Colorado went on a frontal attack in a video released by her.                       

In her video, Boebert claimed that she had been the one trying to deescalate the situation between her and Ilhan after the controversial video surfaced last week. In it, Boebert is seen making snide comments against Ilhan Omar and Islam to an audience.

Boebert spoke of an incident in a Capitol elevator that never happened. She called Ilhan Omar a member of the Jihad Squad, and said that the Democrat representative from Minnesota was safe as long she did not have a backpack.

Ilhan Omar Has Said That Boebert Should Apologize Publicly

Robert says that she called up Omar to explain that her intention was not to censor Islam. But the exchange went badly and ended with Ilhan Omar insisting that she issue a public apology.

The terse exchange will only add to the simmering tension already existing between the two ahead of their return to the House on Tuesday after the Thanksgiving break.

This is the 2nd instance of an offensive remark by a Republican lawmaker against a Democratic colleague. Earlier before the Thanksgiving holidays, Rep. Paul Gosar from Arizona had posted a video depicting him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking the President. Gosar faced censure and had his committees stripped.

Boebert’s comments against Ilhan Omar were sharply condemned by Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, who demanded that Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader act against Boebert. Ilhan Omar echoed the same view in a later statement aired on Monday.

Ilhan Omar wrote that the issue was not about a hateful comment against one politician. It concerned a party that had brought hatred and bigotry into mainstream politics. She released the statement following her conversation with Boebert. She further said that it was up to Republican Kevin McCarthy to hold his colleague responsible for the act.