Andy Cohen Says He Is All Better Now After 2nd COVID Infection

andy cohen
andy cohen

Bravo host Andy Cohen has tested COVID positive for the 2nd time after he was afflicted with the virus in 2020. He was afflicted around 2 weeks ago and remained in quarantine in New York for 10 days. He has been found negative.

Andy Cohen took to social media and tweeted that he is back live and had much to talk about. Fans were naturally delighted and assured at his safe return. One fan asked him the reason for the show going into reruns unexpectedly and asked him for the reason he got afflicted.

Cohen assured that he was safe and free of the virus. The 53-year-old executive producer of Real Wives of Beverly Hills was first afflicted in March 2020 shortly after the production of the reality show was halted after Garcelle Beauvais, Erika Jayne, and Lisa Rinna were all found affected with the virus. It was the start of the global pandemic and the vaccines had not been developed then.

Andy Cohen’s home city, NYC, has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases after the Omicron variant was detected in November. He says he was pretty sick even as he struggled with the affliction.

Andy Cohen Reported Negative For The Virus On The 10th Day

Cohen began his talk show last night saying that he was happy enough to cry. He was among the early celebrities to reveal their affliction. He recuperated quietly, preferring to keep his diagnosis private and work his way back into the system.

E did not reveal his symptoms. His was affected the second time around the time he was having it. He initially thought that it was the reaction from the booster dose. It then dawned on him that it was something more serious. It was a terrible few days and he chose not to go into the system. He will be back with his 2-year-old son, Benjamin, soon.

He came out negative in the PCR test on the 10th day of the quarantine, and he was on air that Monday.