Bill Cassidy Rejects Trump: Republican Senator Won’t Support The Former President In 2024

bill cassidy
bill cassidy

Republican Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy has said he won’t support Donald Trump if the former President goes for the top post again in 2024. In an interview, Bill Cassidy said that the former president will definitely not get his vote if he is again the nominee for the GOP.

Bill Cassidy is one of the seven Republican senators who voted to convict Donald Trump before he left office. He was censured by the Republican Party in Louisiana after that incident. But he repeated to the interviewer that it was clear he will not be voting for Trump again if he makes it as the Republican candidate in 2024. He said that voting to censure Trump had helped him sleep well that night.

Bill Cassidy Has Pointed To Trump Losing House, Senate, And Presidency

Cassidy pointed out that President Trump was the first Republican president who had lost the Senate, the House, and also the Presidency within 4 years. Bill Cassidy said that elections are about winning, implying that Trump has turned out to be a loser for the Republicans.

Trump has time and again hinted that he will seek the Republican nomination in the next presidential elections in 2024. He has declined to make a formal announcement but remains a strong favorite among the Republicans if he does declare his candidacy.

Donald Trump had attacked Bill Cassidy for that impeachment vote and had endorsed Senator John Kennedy’s bid in his re-election campaign. The vote was concerning the January 6 insurrection in Capitol Hill.

True to his vitriolic style of attacking those opposed to him, the disgraced former President called Bill Cassidy ‘wacky,’ and called him a RINO (Republican In Name Only) Republican. He said that Cassidy had begged for his endorsement in the 2020 elections and use his name to get re-elected.

Bill Cassidy won the re-elections by 40 percentage points over his Democratic competitor, while Trump defeated Biden by fewer than 19 percentage points.

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