Sacha Baron Cohen Involved In The Business Of Coronavirus Vaccines?

Sacha Baron Cohen
Sacha Baron Cohen

The British comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen is said to be involved in the vaccines of the coronavirus. This comes after his announcement saying that Borat, the comedy film, is now over. He is being held to be responsible for doing business with celebrities with regard to vaccines.

Sacha Baron Cohen And “Bono”

Sacha Baron Cohen attended the talk show of the host, Jimmy Kimmel this Thursday. He got interrupted by a call while he was answering a question. The question was regarding the experiences he had while playing Borat.

He ends his answer midway in order to receive the phone call. It seems like somebody named Bono was the caller. The conversation Sacha Baron Cohen has with Bono kind of steals the show. He mentions a few names of the vaccines of the coronavirus over the call. Those include Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

The comedian then goes on to ask about the preference of the caller. He does this while he opens his mini-fridge. Things that can be seen in his fridge is another point of attraction for the viewers. It is full of oat milk and vaccines that are sealed hermetically. The 49-year-old actor then ends the conversation by giving confirmation on “Venmo” to Bono.

Following this, the host, Jimmy Kimmel, shows interest in the conversation he had. After a few minutes of conversation, Sacha Baron Cohen brings out the fact that he was involved in the vaccine dealing with a bunch of celebrities. They include Wesley Snipes, Tom Cruise and Kanye West, the rapper.

Jimmy Kimmel then goes on to ask a direct question to the Borat actor. He asks him if he is really selling the coronavirus vaccines. The response that Sacha gives to this question is a little evasive in nature. He tells Kimmel to not interfere in his business.

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