Angelina Jolie Tries To Sully Brad Pitt’s Name?

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Based on the actress’s conduct in regards to an FBI lawsuit, Brad Pitt‘s team is charging Angelina Jolie with actively trying to destroy his reputation, as reported by TMZ.

An anonymous complaint was made to the FBI in April, and Puck released a piece about it on Tuesday, August 16. The unnamed plaintiff in the Freedom of Information Act petition wanted to know how her “ex-husband” was not charged for a claimed incident that took place on a plane. Angelina Jolie was first suspected to be the unnamed plaintiff in the case due to the date and other details. Multiple sources have since confirmed that the actress was the mastermind behind the legal strategy.

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt’s Marriage Ended In 2016

In Sept 2016, Brad and Angie filed for divorce after a strange private jet event in which a fight occurred between Brad Pitt and one of their children, widely thought to be the oldest child Maddox. In response to a complaint, the FBI conducted a thorough examination of the facts,” according to a bureau representative at the point; after presenting its conclusions to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in La, the office decided against filing charges.

Puck has seen the lawsuit, even though it is now sealed, and Angelina claims that she managed to learn from the FBI’s FOIA reply from last year that the agent conducting the investigation “prepared a statement of reasonable suspicion and offered up it to the chairman of the Criminal Division of the Attorney’s Office in LA” before the bureau declared that Brad would not be charged with a crime. Puck writes, stating that Angelina Jolie is curious about the declassified records that remain under law enforcement’s control, as well as the logic behind the decision to not pursue charges.

The lawsuit also reveals information not previously available: In her declaration, Angelina Jolie reportedly claimed that she informed a special investigator that Brad, who has denied any misconduct, was intoxicated on the jet and at some point held her shoulders, jerked her, and said, “You are f****** up our family.” The starlet said that Brad had splashed beer on her at another point during the flight, and she showed the special investigator a picture of her damaged elbow to back up her story.

TMZ adds that Brad’s team suspects Angelina Jolie is attempting to “drag her ex through the dirt” by filing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, even though she already has access to the data she seeks. According to the tabloid, sources familiar with the “Bullet Train” actor claimed that there was not enough evidence to press charges against Brad.