Jane Fonda’s Murder Suggestion Has Been Condemned By Pro-Life Advocates

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda’s murder comments were swiftly condemned by advocates of Pro-life while the pro-choice groups remained silent regarding the suggestion of the Oscar winner that those who opposed abortions should be killed.

The previous year saw the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, which did spark a battle at the state level. And this is something that Fonda is overtly passionate about- as was expressed on The View by the actress. She stated that women have experienced multiple decades now of having some form of control over their bodies- of being able to choose for themselves. They knew what it felt like- and how it had bettered their lives. But under no circumstance would they go back- and they didn’t even care what the laws were. 

Jane Fonda Was Joking When She Called For Murder

When Joy Behar, the co-host asked Jane Fonda what could be done besides protesting and marching, Fonda replied that she had thought of murder. Needless to say, this sparked laughter, with the co-host stating that the Hollywood icon was simply kidding. Fonda later informed Fox News Digital that the comments that she made were made in jest. Lila Rose, the founder of Live Action, called Fonda out for her remark- stating that she was advocating for murder to protect the murder of children.

Abby Johnson, a prominent advocate of pro-life, also informed Fox News Digital that Jane Fonda didn’t appear to be kidding, as the co-host informed her audience. Johnson stated that it was quite ironic that a woman who was defending the murder of an unborn child would also be calling for the murder of those who wanted to defend the rights of the unborn.