Another Stimulus Check Coming In May: The $300 Delaware Relief Payment Should Be Out By The 31st

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Multiple states and even counties are giving out their version of the stimulus check to help stave off the tough times brought on by the killer inflation rate. The high inflation is a part of the economic downturn triggered by the pandemic and the relief checks are expected to help residents compensate for the rising prices and the high inflation. And the stimulus checks being issued by Delaware are scheduled on the last day of May.

The stimulus check was approved by John Carney, the Governor of Delaware under the 2022 Relief Rebate scheme. Under this program, people who filed their income tax returns for the state in 2020 are eligible for the relief payment of $300.

Couples filing their returns jointly are in line for a relief check worth $600. This program was initiated to consider the economic adversities faced by residents of Delaware as they come out of the debilitating effects of the prolonged pandemic.

Even as the nation recovered from the pandemic, came the high inflation rate that increased the prices of every essential commodity, including gasoline.

Residents Who Have Filed Their 2020 State Returns Are Eligible For The Stimulus Check

Even minor residents of Delaware are eligible for the Delaware stimulus check. The only criteria are that residents should have filed their 2020 returns before the due date, or extensions if they have filed for it. They don’t need to be claimed as dependent to get their share of the Delaware relief check.

Deceased members who filed their 2020 income tax returns won’t qualify for the Delaware stimulus check. Residents who have filed their 2020 returns will receive their Delaware Relief Rebate first. The revenue department will identify residents who have filed their returns and issue the stimulus checks automatically. 

Those who are not presently residents of the state will not receive a stimulus even if they have filed their 2020 returns.  

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