Deadlines For Stimulus Checks And Basic Income In March: You Could Get $4,000

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

American citizens could get extra stimulus checks in March that are linked to their income tax filings. You could be among the citizens eligible for a stimulus check under the enhanced child tax credit payments or refunds if you overpaid taxes last year.

The child tax credit payments come to around $1,400 to each individual and certain groups of people are eligible for the support. If you have welcomed a child in 2021, you will be eligible for a stimulus check for the baby. 

As the record of their birth or adoption was not added to the 2020 income tax returns, you can add the information to this year’s returns to be eligible.

Stimulus Checks For Families With Dependents

Families who have included dependents will also be eligible for the $1,400 stimulus check once they file their returns. This facility was not available for the first and second stimulus checks.

Individuals whose earnings were above $80,000 in 2020 and fell below it the following year are also eligible for the stimulus check. The corresponding amount for a couple is $160,000.

Eligible members of the family who died in 2021 but did not get their stimulus check will add a similar amount to their family members.

This year the deadline for filing returns is on April 18. Also, the deadlines for filing applications for universal basic income and other stimulus checks are fast approaching.

Meanwhile, states continue to send residents their version of stimulus check. Residents of New Jersey have days to file for a single payment that could get certain residents up to $4,000. The fund will give relief to undocumented residents who were hit by the pandemic.