Another Stimulus Checks For Residents Of These States

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The last time the federal government sent out pandemic-related stimulus check payments was May 2021, and they haven’t announced plans to send out more.

However, some individual states have announced that they are planning to send out stimulus payments to state residents who qualify. These payments can help you pay your rent or mortgage, pay off your debt, pay for child care, or just help out in the face of increasing inflation.

Here is the latest information about which states are sending stimulus check money and who qualifies.

States That Are Sending Stimulus Checks

  1. Colorado

Governor Jerod Polis signed a bill into law at the end of May that sends at least $400 to taxpayers who had filed 2021 state tax returns by the end of June. The exact amount hasn’t been determined yet, but checks are predicted to go out to eligible taxpayers in September.

  1. Delaware

Delaware residents who filed their 2020 state tax returns stimulus checks should have received a “relief rebate” payment of $300 from the state in May. Single filers received the $300 stimulus check and joint filers each received the $300 check.

  1. Georgia

Georgia residents, including partial-year residents, who have filed both their 2020 and 2021 state tax returns are eligible for a one-time rebate. Single filers get up to $250, heads of households get up to $375, and joint filers get up to $500. Partial-year residents receive smaller payments.

  1. Hawaii

The Hawaii state legislature approved a $300 tax rebate to be sent to every taxpayer earning under $100,000 and $100 to every taxpayer earning more than $100,000. According to the plan, dependents of taxpayers will also receive the payments. Payments may start in August, but there has been no official decision about distribution.

  1. Idaho

The state of Idaho sent payments in March to full-time Idaho residents who either filed 2020 and 2021 state tax returns or filed the grocery tax refund return, both taxpayers and dependents.

The amount of the refund payments was either $75 or 12% of the taxpayer’s 2020 Idaho state taxes (as determined by Form 40, line 20), whichever was greater.

The payments began with taxpayers for whom they had direct deposit information on file and then were sent by paper check to taxpayers who did not have electronic payment information on file with the state.

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