Anthony Duclair Hopes To Bring Back Hockey Into His Haitian Community

anthony duclair

What struck the chord for Anthony Duclair? The hockey player shared that in May 2021 Duclair was on his first game season with Florida Panthers, which comes in sixth for his overall NHL career. As he was mindlessly scrolling through his social media laying on the couch he came across Imran Siddiqui’s tweet. He has apparently taken his little 6-year-old son called Musa out for Build-a-Bear Workshop where the junior Panthers fan had chosen out a stuffed bear dressed up to be a hockey player.

Anthony Duclair In His Fight To Bring Out The Glory Back Of Hockey For Undeserving-Diverse Communities

The li’l guy Musa renamed his bear after Anthony Duclair. He rejoiced out to his father and explained the name goes along with him because he’s brown and plays hockey just like the player. Duclair has previously encountered many young fans expressing their admiration for the athlete but this just hit differently. The NHL player said the words sent out chills over his body and it just struck a chord in his heart.

The 27-year-old Ice hockey player has witnessed many moments some being good while others regrettable, these li’l speck of moments have created Anthony Duclair who built up the foundation with just one goal that’s bringing back hockey for underserved, color-diverse communities which starts right from the feet of Panther’s market.

There’s a huge lack of representation in this league of sports right now. It gets tough when you try to grab over something with no idea about what’s out there, Duclair shared. He is reported to have timed the entirety of his debut at the foundation of NHL All-Stars Weekend held in South Florida along with the start of Black History Month. Anthony Duclair states that this isn’t like any other player foundation. He is promised to be hands-on in this, and make sure to be present for the kids.