Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Of Green Bay Is On His Way To Darkness Retreat

Green Bay
Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is back with another one of his unconventional methods for the self-reflection journey. This season the Green Bay Packers quarterback is spending his offseason in Peru not for some adventurous relaxing spree but for ayahuasca, which is a widely renowned plant-based psychoactive that’s traditionally used in most indigenous ceremonies.

What’s The Green Bay Quarterback Planning For In This Year’s Darkness Retreat To Peru

So far he has openly discussed his affinity towards these retreats- meditation retreat, yoga retreat, silent meditation retreat, and so on. This new retreat visit should not come out as a surprise but many fans weren’t supportive of it. The Green Bay quarterback shared that he has been planning this trip over the past four months, the retreat would be an all-dark four-night retreat and upon sharing the details online it sparked quite a heated controversy while some remained out to be good others were not very kind.

Rodgers recently addressed this controversy in hand at “The Pat McAfee Show” and said that we all could use up some break from phones once in a while, unplugging from the chaotic society away from buzzing people and there might be some people opposed to the whole idea of few days and nights out in the darkness and that’s totally reasonable. He added that to force a judgment on it regardless of the knowledge of it, doesn’t work out as a way for coming together as a functioning society to connect better as people.

39-year-old Rodgers completed his full darkness retreat at the Sky Cave this Wednesday, the information comes in accordance with the owner of the facility, Scott Berman who’s in control of the whole facility that covers hundreds of acres of land covering the regional forest of southern Oregon. Since the retreat, the Green Bay quarterback who spent the entirety of his 18 years playing NFL for his team hasn’t announced yet if he will be playing this year as well.

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