Anthony Gonzalez Decides Not To Contest 2022 Election

Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez

Anthony Gonzalez is a Republican official from the state of Ohio. He played a crucial role in Donald Trump’s impeachment. He was among one of the protagonists in voting Trump out of power. Gonzalez has surprisingly pulled his name out for the 2022 elections. This came as a shock as Anthony Gonzalez was being considered one of the favorites to win the re-election. Gonzalez has served as the representative of Ohio in the 16th Congressional District. Anthony was also a famous footballer. He was selected as a draft by the Indianapolis Colts in the Drafts of NBA in 2007. Let us take a deeper look at the probable explanations of his decision. 

Anthony Gonzalez Blames Interim Party Conflicts For His Decision

The decision taken by the Republican came as a shocker to many. With the reelection around the corner in 2022, he pulled out of the race. Gonzalez blamed conflicts within the party that made him take such a decision. The politician stated that the main reason was his family. He wanted to spend more time with his family. Gonzalez stressed the importance of having a healthy ratio with one’s family. 

However, he also did not rule out the possibility of an interim conflict. He admitted that the atmosphere inside the party has become very toxic. Gonzalez thanked everyone who allowed him to serve society. He also expressed his joy for being able to work for a noble cause. 

Anthony Gonzalez had earlier questioned Trump’s policy regarding January 6 attacks. He stated that a more responsible approach was being expected from the President. Gonzalez felt that Trump could have taken enough measures to thwart the Capitol riots. The Republican Party of Ohio expressed their disappointment with Gonzalez. They also rooted for the resignation of the politician. 

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