NYSE MA Sees A Decline In Its Short Interest


Mastercard Inc. (NYSE MA) had a big decline in March in its short interest. Until 31st March, the short interest totaled 5070000 of the shares, which is a 23.6% decline from the 15th March total. About 0.6% of shares are being sold short.

Stock Commentary On NYSE MA

NYSE MA shares traded downwards and closed at $0.32 last Friday. The moving average of NYSE MA over 50 days stands at $367.72 while that for 200 days stands at $342.69. The highest and the lowest value of the stock in a year are $389.50 and $244.10 respectively. The company’s market capitalization value stands at $383.61B with a 1.19 beta. In its latest quarterly earnings announcement on Thursday, it reported an EPS of $1.64, overshooting the estimated $1.51. The stock also has a 43.13% net margin.

Quite a few research analysts have covered NYSE MA recently. Bank of America increased their rating of the stock to “buy” from “neutral” and set an objective price of $400 on 6th January, Wednesday. Raymond James issued a rating of “outperform” and upgraded their objective price which stands at $371 on 29th January, Friday. Barclays increased their price target to $380 from $360 and issued a rating of “overweight” for the stock on 25th January, Monday. Morgan Stanley upped their price objective as well to $412 from $377 while issuing a rating of “overweight” on 22nd March, Monday. Finally, Wells Fargo & Company increased their price target to $400 from $350 while issuing a rating of “overweight” on 4th January, Monday.

Gilberto Caldart, an insider, sold off 7528 of NYSE MA shares on 4th February at a $340 average price per share. Kevin Stanton, another insider, sold off 29052 of the shares on 12th April at a $378.09 average price per share.

United Bank, Bessemer Group Inc., Raymond James Trust N.A., Sculptor Capital LP, and Justinvest LLC all increased their share of NYSE MA stock.