Drake Bell Admits His Mistakes

Drake Bell
Drake Bell

Drake Bell got into some serious trouble. He has been put behind bars for almost two years. Bell is a renowned actor and singer in America. He is also called Drake Campana. Bell began his acting career way back in 1990 when he was just five years old. He is a versatile singer and actor and his unique style sets him apart. Bell voiced the character of Peter Parker for Ultimate Spider-Man (animated). He also has several music releases to his name. Time does not seem to be favoring Drake Bell at the moment. It has been two months since he is serving his sentence. He is accused of performing criminal acts against a child. Let us take a detailed look at the incident below. 

Drake Bell Denies Charges, Claims To Have Been Framed

Drake Bell stated that the claims related to him were entirely false. He posted the incident on Instagram and conveyed his fans the message. Bell is sentenced to two-year imprisonment following allegations of misbehavior with a minor. The star is also asked to perform two hundred hours’ worth of service to the community. 

Bell had earlier claimed not guilty to the charges but he surprisingly changed his mind. The star admitted guilt for one of the cases of hostile behavior with a child. Bell was accused by a nineteen-year-old fan of sexual harassment. The victim stated that the star had forced her to carry out sexual acts for a prolonged period. She claimed to be fifteen years old when the incident happened. 

Drake Bell denied all the claims. He stated that all these allegations were wrongly presented. He also stated that he has not altered his name to Drake Campana. He admitted his mistake about interacting with his fan closely. Bell said that the moment he became aware of her age, he snapped all communications. 

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