Anthony Pratt Reveals Trump Discussed State Secrets And Sensitive Information

Anthony Pratt

Australian tycoon Anthony Pratt has admitted before FBI agents and prosecutors that then US President Donald Trump shared what was potentially sensitive information with him. The Australian tycoon is said to have told in an interview that Trump shared classified information about American submarines. Anthony Pratt said that Trump shared highly sensitive information about the exact figure of nuclear weapons that American submarines carry and how close these submarines can approach Russian ships and submarines without detection.

In private conversations and emails following the meeting with the then-president, Anthony Pratt shared the remarks with close to fifty others. This included journalists and his company employees. Three former prime ministers of Australia were also privy to this information. Anthony Pratt said that he was not aware then if the information that Trump shared was genuine or mere bluster. But investigators allegedly advised Anthony Pratt to desist from sharing the information that Trump revealed. That suggests that the information was highly sensitive.

Australia Purchased The Submarines Discussed Between Trump And Anthony Pratt

One witness, a former employee of Trump, said that he overheard Anthony Pratt immediately relayed the information to someone over the phone. The former Mar-a-Lago employee said that he was shocked and bothered that such sensitive information had been revealed to a foreigner. Pratt has maintained that no sensitive documents were shared with him. Several Australians with whom the tycoon shared the news were involved in the negotiations with American officials about the purchase of nuclear-powered submarines.

The deal went through this year as Australia purchased 3 Virginia class submarines. But President John Biden has disclosed that none of these nuclear-powered submarines sold to Australia can carry nuclear weapons. Pratt visited Mar-a-Lago close to a dozen times and interacted with the Republican leader. He also visited the White House in 2018 when Trump was meeting with the then-prime minister of Australia.