Bryce Harper Win Most Valuable Player

Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper has won the award of Most Valuable Player. He won the award after a long time. Fans and followers are very much happy for him. Everyone believed that he was long overdue for the award. Bryce had been one of the most consistent athletes in the MLB circuit. Time and again, he has proved his worth. Bryce won his initial title in the year 2015. He played brilliantly to win the National League for his team. Harper won his maiden MVP title in the same year. He was just twenty-two years old at that time. 

The following few years have been quite rough for the baseballer. He could not live up to the massive hype built around him. Bryce had some slips in his career. This led to wide-scale criticism against him. Harper was mockingly voted as the most overrated baseball player in the entire league. Fortunately enough, Bryce Harper has managed to come out of his gloomy days. He has laid his hands on the coveted title of MVP for the second time in his career. Let us learn more about the incident in detail below.  

Bryce Harper On A High, MVP For The Second Time 

Bryce Harper seems to be having the time of his life. He has proved all his critics wrong and shut them. When everyone was busy criticizing the athlete, he did not say a word. He chose to work harder and let his work speak for himself. The announcement came on Thursday. It was revealed that the athlete garnered a whopping seventeen votes out of thirty. Juan Toto & Fernando Tatis Jr finished in second and third places respectively. 

Bryce Harper had a brilliant season. He hit a total of thirty-five home runs with a score of 309/.429/.615. The athlete seems to be very much happy and promises to keep up the good work. He currently plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. 

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